What it looks Like Selling Your House to Us?

It begins with you sending us the property’s address you would like to sell. We will schedule a visit at the earliest possible and conduct an evaluation. Most times, we make a no-obligation cash offer on the spot. Once the agreement is signed, we coordinate with the local title company to facilitate the transaction. You then get paid!

What Kind of Houses Do We Purchase?

We buy houses in any condition and in most situations. We offer friendly and informative customer service.  We buy from owners who are:
  • Selling Due to Many Repairs
  • Behind on Taxes
  • Selling Due to Divorce
  • Having Tenant Issues
Texas Home Price
Texas Home Price

Offer. Sign. Cash.

The selling process does not need to be stressful. With Texas Home Price, we have experienced home buyers offering a simple three-step process to sell your home - Offer, Sign, Cash.
We offer a fair market price to ensure our clients get the best possible price for their home, even a last-minute sale.